Ludwigsburg - Baroque palace, gardens and city

Rates starting at 1.250,00 Euro, private day tour (basic tour).

Ludwigsburg is situated next to Stuttgart, about 20 minutes driving distance. The picturesque city is also known as the Versailles of Swabia due to its baroque palace. Ludwigsburg was founded in 1704 on the initiative of Eberhard Ludwig, Duke of Wurttemberg. The palace complex is located at the heart of the town. The construction of the palace (1704-1733) involved many outstanding architects and interior decorators.

In Ludwigbsurg you can visit the palace with 452 amazing rooms in 18 buildings including 4 museums. The Ludwigsburg palace is surrounded by the permanent garden show "Blühendes Barock", a unique landscaped park containing artwork from different regions. You can also fin a fairy tale garden here. Next to the palace you can stroll through the 72 hectare game reserve (Favoritepark) and visit the hunting lodge Favoriteschloss as well as the Monrepos palace, a small lakeside palace.

Throughout the year many festivals take place in Ludwigsburg. Highlights are: the Ludwigsburg Palace Performing Arts Festival, the Ludwigsburg Baroque Christmas Market, the Venetian Fair in Ludwigsburg as well as the famous Ludwigsburg Horse Market.

Ludwigsburg palace and gardens - private guided day tour:

Our recommended itinerary to visit Ludwigsburg - extented tour:


10:00am: The tour guide and chauffeur will pick you up at your hotel. You will drive from Stuttgart to Ludwigsburg. It will about 30 minutes.


10:30am: You arrive at Ludwigsburg. You will visit the Ludwigsburg palace (private guided tour) and the park "Blühendes Barock".


12:30am: Time for lunch. We will have lunch at a upper class restaurant next to the castle. You can enjoy the local food and drinks.


01:30pm: After lunch you will visit the historic city center of Ludwigsburg. A great place for shopping.


03:30pm: You will drive to the Monrepos castle and visit the park. We recommend the wine tasting at the local winery of Schloss Monrepos.


04:30pm: You drive back to Stuttgart.


05:00pm: You will arrive in Stuttgart and we will drop you off at your hotel.

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